Arundel Street – Glebe


Arundel Street – Glebe

Urbanest Student accommodation located in Glebe, is a contextually integrated development comprises of 156 rooms providing 185 beds with common area facilities for the residents, all built around a vibrant central courtyard.

The project provides for a product range of rooms made up of a mix of single and twin studios and one bedroom flats catering to the need of students with different affordability levels.

The architecture is underpinned by a modern clean lined aesthetic, with textural and robust materiality adding a richness and softness that allows a strong contextual integration, and positive streetscape contribution.

The building has a relative height, as well as a modulation and break up of form reflective of the scale of the surrounding context. Stepping the building to follow the existing topography as well as to match the relative scale of the adjoining buildings further reinforces this. The development is designed around a central open landscaped courtyard space, with the appropriate proportion and dimension to allow for solar access and a positive amenity for the students. Screen planting is provided to all private courtyards, and when located on street frontages, creates a pleasing green edge to the site.

The outcome presents a high quality student accommodation insertion into the Arundel and Catherine streetscape and is designed as a modern yet contextual piece of architecture.

Accordingly, this student accommodation is a substantial and appropriate architectural addition to Glebe.