Newsletter ISSUE 10 August 2014

ISSUE 10 – Sorell Apartments Wins UDIA Awards for Excellence 2014

Sorell Apartments development in Lyons Canberra was recently awarded with the coveted UDIA NSW Austral Bricks Award for Excellence 2014 – NSW Region & ACT as well as receiving Commendation for High-Density Development.


Sorell Apartments have set a new standard of urban living in Canberra as a premier residential address; integrating contemporary functional design, with architectural excellence, beautiful outlook, and natural light.


Sorell Apartments is a testament to a successful multidisciplinary design approach; between developer, architect, consultants, builders, and sub-contractors.


Antoniades Architects are proud to be part of this landmark project, with special mention to the Hindmarsh Group who provided an excellent platform for a collective vision of the project.


The Sorell Apartments site is rather complex. The corner location on a main road needs a significant landmark building, but the other frontages require sensitivity to the lower scale of development. This development has done that particularly well. There are well-designed nine and six-storey buildings on the main corner and three-storey buildings at the rear.

The project also works well at a detailed level. The arrangement of buildings onsite results is generous and workable community spaces as well as good privacy between buildings. The open spaces are well thought-out and landscaped. When the vegetation matures they will be very pleasant places indeed.

The apartments themselves are well designed and oriented to maximise solar access. To top it off, the corridors and lift wells are naturally lit and ventilated.


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