Newsletter ISSUE 11 October 2015

ISSUE 11 – Kincumber Retirement Village

The site is located in the urban area of Kincumber with the existing portions of the Village bordering onto bushland.

The development made up of 11 villas integrates well with the existing village and is designed to have access to the leisure centre as well as surrounding amenities. The villas are designed to maximise the amenity of the occupants, through the size and proportions of internal and external spaces, together with a considered approach to indoor / outdoor relationships and activities.

Each villa is provided with an expansive, light filled, and naturally ventilated home. A variety of villa typologies are included to address site location and orientation, amenity including solar access, private open spaces, and dual fronted living areas, all which addtothequalityof thedevelopment.

The development has drawn from the existing village in terms of materiality and aesthetic considerations. Face brick, feature stone elements at covered villa entries with gable ends, and pitched roof typology integrates this development within the existing village.

The aesthetic expression and character of the villas is typical of this residential typology, with traditional proportions overlaid by a modern, yet natural palette and finishes.