Newsletter ISSUE 09 May 2014


ISSUE 09 – Sorell Apartments Complete!

This architecture explores modern and clean lines, to provide an iconic architectural statement. Buildings modulate in scale along the streets edge, from low-rise dwellings on the western front responding sympathetically to the suburban context, to a 9-storey tower which architecturally adorns the corner of the site. This is reflective of strong urban design principles to reduce the buildings footprint, while satisfying the density required of the lease agreement.

This inspiring place to live underpins a vision for a diverse urban community, with a series of courtyard spaces providing a sustainable landscape outcome and a labyrinth journey through the site, encouraging interaction with the residents, architecture and wider community.

We are proud to be part of this landmark project, “integrating contemporary functional design with architectural excellence, beautiful outlook and natural light” said project architect Keiko Mino, with special mention going to the Hindmarsh Group, who provided an excellent platform for a collective vision of the project. Sorell Apartments is a testament to a successful multidisciplinary design approach; between architects, consultants, builders, contractors and developers.