Claremont Terrace – Potts point

Antoniades Architects

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    We are very proud of our recently completed Claremont terrace in Potts Point. This conversion from a boarding house into an extraordinary residence, retains and restores the heritage significant of the principal building form fronting Victoria Street, and provides a new three-story laneway addition, with parking for two vehicles. The dwelling includes living areas and a courtyard on the ground floor level and four bedrooms on the upper floor levels.


    The existing terrace is a heritage item and part of a terrace pair with the adjoining terrace. The outcome contributes to the heritage character of the building, the terrace pair and wider conservation area. The front facade’s heritage features were restored whilst the rear laneway addition has been designed to complement the adjoining terrace and is consistent with its bulk, height, and scale.



    The design retains and restores the heritage streetscape of Victoria Street and reinstate the original single residential use of the site. Fireplaces missing were reinstated throughout the principal-built form and the original staircase restored. All detracting and intrusive fabric associated with the boarding house were removed.

    The interface between old and new is seamless as the spaces merge through the highly considered spatial hierarchy. The pavilion building in the rear has a modern disposition, with the interiors providing a contemporary and sophisticated feel. The connecting wing provides a perfect division between old and new and both the architecture and interiors respond accordingly.