Student Accommodation – Redfern

An 18-storey mixed-use building providing 409 beds, indoor and open communal spaces on numerous levels together with ground floor retail tenancies the design seeks to provide a built form outcome that is highly considered, respectful and contextually fitting, whilst contributing positively to an evolving precinct.

The site offers three frontages and the opportunity to provide a meaningful public domain environment. The ground level is formed to allow for a public domain space that would enhance connectivity and integrate with the through site link. The design also looks to integrate with the streetscape pattern emerging on regent street whilst having regard for both its transitional location and proximity to a heritage building.

Accordingly, the tower is broken up to form two principal elements, emphasised through height and setback strategies and defined through an articulation that supports the transition of precinct granularity. A central spine is established through the building that provides natural ventilation, light and outlook from the common area corridors.

The east and west frontages receive solar access to the internal habitable program in the morning and afternoon. Common areas are located across the building to enhance the social dynamic and access to amenity.




Student Accommodation


In Progress


  • Con Kallos
  • Zoe Deliat
  • Dyan Prakash
  • Renu Varshney
  • Andreas Antoniades

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