Parker Street

Antoniades Architects

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    The design celebrates both the past and the present, proposing the adaptive reuse of the existing apartment building, combined with a legible, well considered, sympathetic and contemporary addition which fits comfortably into it surrounds. It is proposed that the existing 2 storey apartment building with the original façade elements be retained and restored. The notion of palimpsest is adopted with the use of a alass enclosure connecting the existing with the proposed. Together with the glass enclosure, this allows visual connectivity across the site as well providing the opportunity to experience a better appreciation of the existing building. The roof form and typology of the existing building is adopted to the vertical extension above, whilst modest use of materiality and detail is provided to the upper level form to act in a subservient matter to the existing. The new addition will adopt a façade pattern that complements the existing building character and materiality. The architecture expresses both modern and sustainable strategies, whilst each facade is carefully designed and detailed to respond to the streetscape.