Allens Parade

Bondi Junction

This infill residential development comprises of 4 two story terrace styled apartments, with 2 upper-level apartments located on a recessed third level.
The building massing and facades are articulated to break down the scale and create a building identity that provides a pleasant and positive contribution to the site and surrounding environment.
Bulk and scale considerations is derived from the surrounding sites. The width of the building elements matches those of the surrounding buildings. The overall massing and structure of the building and its responsiveness along the streetscape is seen as positive insertion into the precinct.
The recessed lobby and upper most floor create an appropriate separation between the east and west wing of the building. This separation reduces the scale and mass of the proposed building and allows the lobby throughout the building to be light filled and importantly have a dialogue to the entry and street. The use of varies colour brick finishes further articulates the built form and together with the use of balconies reduces the solidity and scale of the built form whilst increases the modulation and breakup of the building.
The use of face brick allows for fine grain treatment to the façades such as creation of breeze way and projecting bricks. This detailing of the building creates visual interest as well as adding character to the building. The dual brick colour selection enhances both form and recess; where projecting elements are differentiated from recessed elements through the use of different coloured bricks.
The architecture expresses both modern and sustainable strategies, each façade is carefully designed and detailed to respond to streetscape, orientation and privacy of adjoining residential development. In all cases the emphasis is to reduce heat loading to the building whilst providing a pleasant amenity for the occupants.


Multi Residential


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  • Andreas Antoniades
  • Joseph Fok

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