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Bellerive Retirement Village Stage 2, 3, 4 completes the retirement village, which is in Woden, ACT. These stages are made up of 80 Independent Living Units, 314sqm of Leisure Centre housed within 4 buildings. These buildings are integrated with the existing Stage 1 which includes 27 Villas, 16 Independent Living Units, and Leisure Centre.

The project commenced on site in October 2011 and was completed over three stages in March 2015 on time and on budget.
The scale, streetscape rhythm and modulation are reflective of the controls and directives set in place in the broader principles for the site. The height strategy forms part of a larger visual appreciation of built form hierarchy and cohesion which extends beyond the site. The design response is, therefore, responsive to the transitional nature of the site which sits narrowly in between the existing Stage 1 Villas and Melrose Drive that separates the town centre from the village.

The architecture is underpinned by a modern clean lined aesthetic with textural and robust materiality adding a richness and softness to the village. A strong horizontal reference connects the buildings along Melrose drive, with framing elements defining the forms and modulation, forming part of a family of elements that further connect the development.

The residual spaces between the buildings provide for both passive and active outdoor facilities in a well-defined and secure landscape environment. This appropriate building separation further enhances the amenity of the units with excellent solar access all year round. The Leisure Centre is near all the units.

All the lobbies are glass fronted, bringing natural light, ventilation, and the surrounding outlook, providing for an optimum environment and experience to the common areas.

The units are salubrious and 100% adaptable, which allows both comfort and aging in place.

Bellerive has included both passive and direct environmental initiatives to provide a sustainable framework for the residents. Photovoltaic solar panels, double glazing, trickle ventilation system, well orientated and ventilated apartments all form part of an environmentally minded development. 85% of the apartments receive at least 3hrs of sun in mid-winter and 76% with cross ventilation.

This development benchmarks retirement living, as well as clearly showing an inclusive approach to the broader drivers that define the site and the architectural outcomes.


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Completed 2014

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