Exterior Of Ralph Apartments In Alexandria, Designed By Inner West Architects



Ralph comprises of 29 apartments and located in a precinct that is currently experiencing a phase of revitalisation from industrial/warehouse types to mixed use/multi-residential developments.
The existing and evolving framework informed the design approach and directed the project into a vibrant urban residential building that integrates the relevant contextual and environmental criteria in sympathy with the objectives for the precinct in a holistic and inclusive manner.

A secondary frontage to Beaconsfield Lane offered the project a level of permeability and access across the site. The direct link across the site connects residents to both Ralph Street and Beaconsfield Lane, increasing accessibility and activation
The shared access and circulation, culminating in a central communal courtyard and rooftop terrace enhances the communal nature of the development and provides opportunities for social interaction. The amenity of ground floor occupants is protected from the street using planters and screen walls.

The dual frontage, site orientation and geometry informed the footprint and built form disposition, resulting in a project comprising of two buildings with a defined street edge. Ralph Street is presented with 6 storeys building which relates to the scale of the neighbouring 5 storey multi-residential building while the 4-storey fronting Beaconsfield Lane relates to the scale of building to the lane way.

Each façade is carefully designed and detailed to respond to streetscape, orientation and privacy of adjoining residential development.

The Ralph Street facade is defined by both materiality and interplay of colour and form. Face brick provides a tactile and textural base to the façade, which sits recessively off the boundary to allow the middle component of the building to be well defined. This component is rather animated, with interplay between colour and detailing of balconies enhancing the architectural expression. A recessed metal cladded upper level completes the top of the building, finished with a cascading planter from the roof. The principal entrance off Ralph Street is defined by a clear break in the façade, whilst at street level, a discontinuity of form at the base establishes clarity of entry and visibility into the forecourt.

The Beaconsfield Lane elevation address both privacy between apartments across the lane through considered window locations with hoods, as well as engaging with the street with a fire stair that is open and interactive with the street.
Internal facades are clean lined, with less animation as they sit quieter whilst also defining the central courtyard.


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